Monday, June 15, 2009

Colour Up Your Accessories

What's Hot Now? "..Bright colours and old fashion colourful jellies and lollies strung into a necklace!" . Must be the economic doldrums hanging around us that has inspired me to search for colours and the brighter they are the better.

Why are we so drawn to candy stores? Besides the sweet offerings inside, it is also the visual stimuli we get - seeing the colourful wrappings, candies and the fond memories they invoke in us when we were children.

Above photo is a candy store closest to where I live, and going in there, I was like a kid in a candy store literally - took me about 10 weeks to go through 20 different types .. and I still have a few rounds to go (grin!)

Inspired by the candy store, making lolly necklaces is not something new, it has been a popular fun activity in children's birthday parties as long as I can remember. However they don't last, either the temperature gets to them, or the kids! Besides necklaces, you can make cufflinks or bracelets whatever that takes your fancy. Be creative.

Instead of real candy, our alternative will be to use colourful glass or wood or plastic beads that resembles lollies to make these accessories. Check out this image, taken from a bead shop here in Venice and one of their creations on display. And I am off to make one of my own now.. ciao!

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