Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bourgeois Punk by Party Noire

Romanian couterier Alina Cosma just launched under her label Party Noire her latest collection called Bourgeois Punk. And I like it!

Well with the current preoccupation with vampires, I am convinced (since as legend goes vampires originated from Romania, thanks to Bram Stoker) Romania should be the IT place to travel to this year! And all things Romanian should witness a sudden surge of interest from their fellow brothers and sisters abroad! The country still has vast nature reserves and agricultural produce yet unexploited. People are warm and friendly.

Back to Bourgeois Punk, the new collection, was conceived with a strong focus on the 24-hour dress to suit the lifestyle of the modern woman. Cosma says that the main source of inspiration were her own needs: “My genuine appreciation of time, quality and comfort, longevity and individuality in design was the driving force behind the creative process for Bourgeois Punk. I experimented with clean, even sober silhouettes, and bold yet functional details such as rolled in shoulder straps that continue for the length of the dress or dress sleeves ending in cufflinks. These are dresses to work in and have fun in while still retaining a cool sophistication and a bit of daring that makes them very desirable.”

According to InStyle magazine, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway are already fans. For more information check out her website

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